You’ve probably heard that “content is king,” and it’s true. Without written content on your website, people and search engines don’t know what you’re about or if you are an authority in your niche. Content is also instrumental in pulling traffic to your website. For instance, you can share a blog post on your site on social media and pull in readers. This action gives you traffic that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Content marketing requires a lot of work, but it is well worth it when you can eventually turn those visitors into customers. Below, you will read about different content marketing tactics that can bring more targeted traffic to your website.

Blog Your Heart Out

Writing blog posts on a regular basis can be very helpful. The posts need to have helpful information since people have questions that they want your post to answer. Your blog also shows that you are a leader in your industry. You know a lot, and you can share that knowledge. Through blog posts, you get the following types of traffic:

  • Traffic from people who want to know what your business is all about
  • Referral traffic from others that respect what you have to say and want others to read it
  • Organic search traffic because blog posts are indexed in search engine results

In addition, an interesting blog post is likely to receive social shares. This pulls in even more people looking for what you have to offer.

Other Types of Media

In addition to written content, you can create videos. In fact, videos can support your written content. Create an informational video to send messages to people who prefer watching a video to reading. You can also create infographics that put valuable information into an entertaining graphic. Both videos and infographics have a tendency to get a lot of social shares.

Create Downloadable Resources

People like information, so they will be very happy if you give them free downloadable resources. You can offer:

  • Video training
  • eBooks
  • Webinars
  • Workbooks
  • White papers
  • Audio recordings

When you do this, you are positioning yourself as a leader. When you are seen as an authority, you are more likely to secure the website visitor as a customer. You also want content on your website that creates a buzz so that word of mouth will kick into gear.

If you offer downloadable content, make sure you offer it in exchange for an email address. This will enable you to create a valid email marketing list that will allow you to step up your marketing efforts even more. It’s imperative to use every single angle you have at your disposal so you can drive traffic and convert them into customers.