Inventory Data Feeds and Custom Website Development

A custom website is the key to having a unique online presence that helps you grow. When selling products, every necessary tool needs to be integrated into the website. Data feed connections for when you are selling a supplier’s products, custom product order forms, lead automation, and overall custom functionality are keys to having a website that will work for you.

Connecting Inventory Data Feeds

Data feeds are amazing tools that automatically update product listings. A number of things happen when you use inventory data feeds instead of having to have products uploaded at once:

  • Inshore Marketing is able to save time and money by ensuring your feeds are connected and updating versus having to manually enter and update individual items.
  • You don’t have to worry about canceling orders across all platforms because quantity totals are not correct.
  • Prices, descriptions, and other data are correct because the supplier updates the data.
  • The images, data, content, and other product information are high-quality because they’re provided by the supplier.

There are different data feed methods that we can use, like FTP, HTTP, API, or EDI. We are well-versed in all data feed connectivity methods.

Custom Product Order Forms and Lead Automation

Although the inventory data feed comes from the supplier, we can create custom product order forms so they contain the information that you need to process an order. Simply specify what you need and it will be created for you so that you can gather data and process orders the way you need to.

We also integrate forms and other elements to help you in your customer relationship management (CRM). When generating leads for use in your CRM software, our tools can gather and send those leads to your CRM using an industry-specific formatting.

Custom Website Functionality

All in all, you receive the custom functionality that you require to have a successful eCommerce website. Even when using inventory feeds, your website can be given its own identity that sets it apart from competitors and your suppliers. The goal is to create a memorable presence so that you become the choice of your target audience.

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