SEO Optimized eCommerce Store Setup

WooCommerce is a preferred platform for eCommerce websites because it is powerful, comes with everything needed for an online store, and has add-on features that can give you even more. At Inshore Marketing, we prefer WooCommerce for its ability to work with any payment gateway and for its reliability. It integrates easily into our WordPress web design service, enabling both products to work together seamlessly so you have an eCommerce setup that works well for you and your customer.

Why WooCommerce is a Good Choice

Some of the reasons why WooCommerce is a good choice for your eCommerce website are:

  • It’s open source, which means there are many programmers creating plugins and extensions that will give the eCommerce system the functionality you need.
  • WooCommerce setup is fast, which speeds up your website online.
  • The customization options allow the online store to be tweaked when needed. Everything from color to style can be changed.
  • WooCommerce is perfect for SEO because it allows for fresh product-related content to be integrated into the online catalog.
  • WooCommerce is great for social media because individual products can be shared over social media.

Although WooCommerce can work with any payment gateway that comes in the form of a plugin, it is already outfitted to work with your PayPal or Stripe account. Connectivity is fast so sales can begin almost immediately.

Display Product Details

One of the most important aspects of an eCommerce website is being able to have proper product descriptions for each product. We can set up product detail pages so that buyers have the information they need to help them make informed buying decisions. Product details are also important for SEO, so product descriptions can be written for people and search engines.

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