The saying, “content is king” is not an understatement. Having high-quality content is the key to every website. It’s an important part of a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy because content contains popular search terms that users are entering into search engine search fields. Once upon a time, people wrote content for the search engines and not so much for people. Today, content must be written for both. People have questions, and the content needs to answer their questions. On the other hand, search engines need to know what a website is about through keywords and context.

Your Message Should Be Understood

It’s imperative that your message is conveyed well to the reader. There are three purposes behind well-written content: entertain, persuade, and inform. If a text isn’t written well, the purpose is completely lost. If people don’t understand, they move on.

When writing a blog post, don’t write it just for the purpose of keeping the content fresh and keyworded. Write it for people looking for answers. Put yourself in the shoes of the website visitor and write about topics you know concern them. Think of questions you have received from customers and potential customers, and develop topics with text that is understood.

Content Instills Trust and More Social Shares

Well-written content tells a visitor that you know what you’re talking about. If you answer their questions and do so in a way that they understand, they are really going to trust you. If you are trusted, they will be more likely to buy your product right then and there or come back later.

Being trusted can also improve social media sharing. If a piece is informative, people will share it. This gets you more attention among their friends. It’s amazing how far your content can reach if it is well-written, entertaining, and persuading. If content is humdrum and there just to be there, website visitors won’t see it as share-worthy.

Great Content Leads to Better Conversions

While writing an amazing blog post or web copy doesn’t instantly improve your website ranking, it will over time. Great content is a must in a good SEO plan and should be posted to the site on a regular basis. When you have a good SEO plan that involves regular content postings, your rank and conversions will improve. With great content, people trust you and search engines like you. That’s a win-win situation.