There are many components to a website. There’s the homepage that gives your visitors an introduction that needs to keep them there. From there, visitors can click links to the internal pages that give them further information. The homepage can also lead your visitors to your blog, which answers questions that your visitors may have. One other component that not all websites have but should is the landing page.

There is a little confusion in the web world about what a landing page truly is. The landing page isn’t just any page on your website. It isn’t a product or service page that’s a part of your website’s default navigation.

The Power of the Form

One element that makes a landing page stand out from a regular web page is the contact form. The landing page should have information relevant to the link that was clicked on to get there. The form is there to generate the lead. The visitor provides their information, and they suddenly become someone the business can market to.

The link the visitor clicks on to land on that page is usually a result within Google search results. Google and Facebook are good examples of ad links that are used to take a visitor to a landing page.

With that said, there is one thing to be clear about: a landing page isn’t just a regular web page that has a form on it. You have to create a page specifically for visitors to land on after clicking a specific link. A landing page is an essential part of an ad campaign.

Fully Utilizing the Page

In addition to the form, you want to ensure other contact information is there. Just because a person doesn’t fill out the form doesn’t mean they won’t call or stop by your physical location. The landing page has multiple purposes. Yes, it helps when someone provides their information because they are giving permission to be contacted via phone, snail mail, and/or email. Not everyone is comfortable with providing their personal details, so you have to give them additional methods of contact. That way, they can use the method that best suits them.

How Will a Landing Page Help Your Business?

It is worth the effort to create landing pages within any digital campaign, or any time that you create an inbound link to the website that requires the visitor to have a narrow focus. They clicked the link to get there because they were looking for something. Use the landing page to tell them that you have what they want.

To send this message, the page requires classic sales copy. It doesn’t have to be lengthy. The truth is that attention spans aren’t necessarily long enough to make it through a 1,000-word rant about how your company is the best. Instead, get to the point. Identify the customer’s problem, tell them you can address it, and give them methods of contact.

When a landing page is designed the right way with the proper content, you increase your chances of building your bottom line. Besides, you want your website to have multiple doorways. Landing pages are additional ways your target audience can learn about what you have to offer.