Imagine reading the same thing over and over. That would be rather boring, wouldn’t it? Unfortunately, this is something that happens a lot on the internet. You look up a topic and you see articles and blog posts that recycle the same information over and over. There is nothing unique there at all, which makes it hard to decide which website to click on.

Without unique information, it is hard to tell who is the authority in their niche. They’re all copying from each other or sharing information from the same source. While Google frowns upon plagiarism to the point of penalizing those that plagiarize, there are times when recycled information passes through the filters, and you end up with a redundant search engine results page. You definitely don’t want your own content to be part of a sea of redundancies when it could be unique and stand out.

Making Your Content the Oddball

What you need to do is make your content the “oddball.” This means putting together an original piece that gives people information that they aren’t finding everywhere else. When they look at the search engine results page, you want them to notice that you aren’t conforming to the rest. They’re more likely to click it if they notice it’s different.

There’s also the fact that original content is going to resonate better with the reader. Perhaps they’ve already seen ten versions of the same article, but yours hits some amazing points that they didn’t see in the others. You want to open their eyes to something new, such as something that is specific to your business and not necessarily the industry. There are different angles you can take to keep the reader on the page, but the first one is giving them something they’ve never seen before.

You’re the Expert

When you give readers something they haven’t read anywhere else, you are establishing yourself as the expert. If you are sharing someone else’s knowledge, then you are showing that they are the expert and not you. If you’re recycling articles and the reader knows it, they may wonder if you truly know your stuff or if you are just trying to sound good.

The fact is that nothing good ever really comes out of sharing the fruits of someone else’s labor or copying ideas. The internet is a big place and one that needs as much uniqueness as possible. When people find that unique content and it resonates with them, they are more likely to share it on social media.

Unique Content Goes Far

When unique content makes its way to social media, your ideas are being exposed to a larger audience. When people share, they are doing part of your marketing for you. When they comment, they are giving you a chance to interact with them. People may even check out your website and comment there.